Curious to know how you guys would handle this ...

Let’s say you’ve created your puppets. How would you handle storing a character that would constantly be using different clothes? Would you set it up using Drawing Substitutions, or duplicate the original symbol of the character and edit the clothes in the duplicates?

Then maybe name the template suzy_bathing suite, or Suzy_red_dress, ect.?

Even as I write this Duplicating it seems like the logical thing to do, but I am curious to know how you guys would handle this.


I personally would recommend duplicating the character. Theoretically it could be done with subsitutions, but I would like the ease of just being able to drop my other symbol right in and not have to switch each layer to is other drawing.

Anyone else have any feedback on this?

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Thanks for the reply Lilli, simply duplicating the template seems to make a whole lot of sense.

Iam the opposite generally i prefer substitions.

It depends. If you are only making small changes and it is part of your main characters regular clothing i prefer subsitions.

If i am changing for just a scene (like in the simpsons where bart always has the same, but sometimes (but no often) changes. I would import and edit to suit.