Ctrl+Z undo behaving badly wacom grip pen

Windows 7 64bit wacom cintiq

don’t know if anyone else encountering this. when using my cintiq grip pen i mapped ctrl+Z to the back rocker switch
and have been using that as a super quick undo.

But if the cursor is above any strokes(vector) the program selects the stroke and i get the orange select outline, sometimes this causes problems with the undo function and it will not undo at all until a minute or so later if i keep working forward. i can hit undo till the cows come home and it sometimes will come back or sometimes i give up in frustration.

interesting thing is today i tried just mapping the undo in preferences to a different command Alt+/ and this has corrected the “selecting” problem.

time will tell if this fixes the undo problem.



The shortcut only works when the windows is active (Red line on the edge of the view windows) and each view might have different result by using the same key. Control + Z is shortcut of Undo but it might not be affected on certain Windows. One way you can do is to set ‘Focus on Mouse Enter’ from preferences>general tab so that each windows you are pointing with mouse will be active (red lines around the windows) and may reduce some confusion if this is the case.

yes i have focus on enter enabled.

what i’m describing is activated withing the drawing window when trying to undo with the wacom pen but always activates some sort of select as well. this is when the pen is hovering over a stroke that has been drawn inside the drawing window so it is the focus of the program.

when using cntl+z on the keyboard there is no issue. i’m guessing it is with the addition of using the wacom/cintiq pen that toonboom/storyboard pro is having issues with.

I am having the same exact issue and it took me a long time to even figure out how to describe what was happening, ha. I did a lot of testing and it seems like any “undo” function coming from the cintiq, be it the stylus or the buttons along the edges of the cintiq monitor, itself, is causing this problem for me.

This is happening while I’m using storyboard pro 7, on a cintiq 22HD, and working on a mac pro, running OS Mojave. I’m talking with support now to see if we can find any solutions. Anyone find any other fixes?

I have problem to whit cintiq and intuos tablet when I use the shotcut on pengrip it’s magnify the zoom windows, I have to reset it each time. Very bad Issus.