Ctrl Point Problem

Hello There!

We’re using Animate Pro 2 Version 7.9.1 (6016)

How to assign a new position for the Control Point in a frame of the same layer without changing the Control Point of the previous frame?

When we change in frame 1 the Control point, it also changes in frame 2!!!


I expect that you speak about the pivot point.
To change the pivot point in a layer for different cells, the cells need to contain different drawings. If you want to keep the same drawing as is, you can solve it by duplicate the drawing. Right click (ctrl-click) the cell choose -Drawings - Duplicate Drawings.
Now you can take the pivot tool and place the pivot where you want, repeat if necessary(.Can be done in both drawing and camera view)
If you want to change between the duplicated drawings later you can do that in the library drawing substitution window.

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