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Hi Guys,

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to take a smooth vector drawing and add some crunchiness to it. I usually work in Illustrator and can achieve the look I want. In Harmony/AnimatePro I’m hoping to find a way to do my drawings smooth and then some how roughen them up later. So far I’ve had no luck in achieving the look I want so I thought I would see if anyone here has any ideas I could try.

Here is an example of what I would like to accomplish

I’ve just realized the new Harmony pencil tool with a custom texture get’s me where I want to go. I’d still love to hear other ideas though if anyone feels like discussing this topic further.


Thanks Lilly!

Ah yeah! animating texture position… fantastico! Harmony is some serious business peoples, this 9.2 version is simply killing it!

drawing it, moving it, doing it

Hi Lilly

Can you elaborate on animating a line texture please? I’m trying to create the inner details of a simple rope using a texture. The inner color, the outline, and the rope detail are all the same line duplicated. The inner color is on the Line Art of “drawing_1”, the outline is on the Colour Art of “drawing_1”, and the texture is the duplicated “drawing_2”. I’ve applied a texture to the line that has a thickness of 80 so it should be clear to see, but once the texture is applied, the color vanishes in render view.

Although I just realized these lines are being morphed, that might be important… well, in case the morph isn’t important, I’ll ask anyway. Thanks for your time!

That’s what I thought of straightaway when I saw the drawing. We have the ability to remove the transparency through an effect, which makes it crunchy but not in that way - you need to kind of add noise.

With the pencil lines you can also animate the position of the texture through the Colour Override function, so if you wanted to make the texture wiggle, you can animate that with a random function over time.


Pencil textures are not yet supported on morphing.

Also another thing to keep in mind is that the pencil texture is affecting the opacity of the line, so if the line art and the colour art are duplicated, then the opacity is going to be right on top of itself, and so I don’t think you’d see an outline in that case unless you put some kind of effect to expand the area.