crossing platforms - Windows to Mac

I am loving Storyboard. I use Windows XP. I currently need to have someone help me finish a board I’m working on. My colleague uses a Macbook Pro, OS 10.5.8. He got a Storyboard license, I copied the file (1.5 GB) onto a usb stick, he copied the file onto his hard drive, and when he opens the project, it says there are no scenes. Thanking you in advance for any wisdom

Hi,This seem to to me that either the file is corrupted or someone omitted to transfer the whole project structure. Be aware that on Mac the project will look to be a single .sboard file, but on Windows the equivalent of the .sboard file is actually the whole folder structure that contains the .sboard. On Mac we simply package the .sboard has a folder.You may want to try doing the transfer again to see if you get better results.Best regards,Ugo

Thanks, Ugo - turns out it was a version problem! I’m glad I found the forum, though. Like I said, I am really enjoying Storyboard, and it’s good to see what others have discovered.