Crossgrading Animate 2 to Animate 3 or Animate Pro 3?

I own Animate 2 and I consider upgrading to Animate 3 because the drawing tools(brush, texture, pencil) offer more possibilities. But I am also wandering if I should not pay a little more and cross grade to Animate Pro 3 while I am at it.

Does the Bone Deform makes rigging and animating a character much more convenient (easy, flowing) than hierarchy and transform tool.

If Bone Deform is a feat to you experimented users, I would go for Animate Pro 3.

According to you, is Bone Deform a feature that makes Animate Pro a huge leap from Animate 3?

Hi, Jacquin,
Bone deform is our major new feature in the new Toon Boom Animate Pro 3.
It will definitely give you more possibility in Animation.
Please send an email to for more details about the upgrade process.