Crossfade/Dip to black, Without ruining scene numbering?


My Team relies heavily on our scene numbering, especially since we export straight to harmony. A big annoyance from storyboard pro currently, is that we have scenes that we would like to fade to black, and have the next scene start from fading to black, but maintain true scene order.

Here’s what I mean:

You have Scene 1 that will fade to black, then fade from black to Scene 2. Scenes 1 and 2 are of course shots that would be animated.

To do this in storyboard pro, you have to create a new scene between them, and create a transition on each end. Obviously this works visually, but if i want to go and renumber the scenes of the entire project, the number becomes Scene 1, scene 2, scene 3. This hurts us because scene 3 is actually scene 2, and scene 2 shouldnt really exist, because its just a cross fade! I wish that I could just make a black panel that i could animate the opacity of but SBPro doesnt support that.

The current workflow is to either leave the crossfades till the end, or painstakingly go through and renumber the scenes in sections.

Anyone have any insight, or better workflow for getting around this?


Transitions are supposed to be something connecting/affecting two scenes, not a new scene. This procedure doesn’t get you the result you need to achieve?

what we want is for it to dissolve to black, the method you mentioned, has them crossfade between each other. That’s where the extra scene comes from, because we need to “crossfade it” to a scene that has black fill, then “crossfade” it from the black fill scene to the scene following.

I do see now that is says “Dissolve: Fades the first scene out to black, then fades the second scene in from black.” as seen below:

But thats not what happens… It fades between the two shots, and DOESNT turn black. there is no option in the panel tab to set it to act this way.

You’re right, sorry. It’s been a while since I worked regularly with SBP and I was trying to remember how or if there was an option for that or if I just ignored a number of ghost scenes with a black card when importing to Harmony. There should be a dip to black such as in Premiere etc. and an option to have blank space between scenes, or a “dip to/from black” transition. Maybe someone else has a solution for this.