Cross-grading questions

What does cross-grading do exactly? Besides having a cheaper price, what does it do?

It just advances you to a different product depending on what you have and are moving to.

The crossgrade is just the process of getting from one to another however what you receive is identical to what you would receive if you bought a full version outright.

One thing to be aware of about Toon Boom crossgrading is that whatever you are coming from becomes disabled.

If you are moving from Studio to Animate, for example, Studio will no longer be useable so you cannot continue to access work you built with it.

You should check with Sales and Support people to see what can be imported into the new software you crossgrade to. Pieces could be used but the scenes, particularly files with software specific extentions, will not in many or all cases, depending on the item.

I’m also considering cross-grading too. I heard you’d still be able to use both applications (back when we were using TBS-5) If indeed this isn’t true, it’d be such a bummer.

I’d also like to add the query related to this: Is there a minimum Toon Boom Studio Version that can upgrade to the current Animate Version. For example: I have TB Studio 7, and I want to cross grade to Animate 3, or even Animate 4 when they release it in the future.

Hope a Toon Boom Product Rep will be able to give an official statement to this. Thanks for raising the questions all!


Toon Boom requires that you deactivate the software you are cross-grading from.

There is a path qualifying you to step to other programs. You must be at Animate to get to Animate Pro for instance. If you are at Studio you cross-grade to Animate then Pro. If you are at a very early version of a given level you may not be eligible for a cross-grade and may need to pay for an upgrade. Talk to a sales rep. (email them rather than expecting a response in the User Forum). They were very helpful when I was researching options.

The date in which you cross-grade will determine whether you are eligible for an update that is released. Typically there is a window leading up to a release date. It may vary depending on the software but Harmony had 12 months. I would expect Harmony to be the largest window if there is any variance, given its premium position.