Cross dissolve

Hi guys, would like to know how to get the “color transform effect” (old Toon Boom version) in Animate 2, I need to make some crossed dissolves. How can I do? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Any answer? :’(

what does the effect do?

cross-dissolving between two near frames

Thank u all! I would like to show u a short video file/ picture file to ask u about cross dissolve. Is this possible in this forum or should I link the video file to another site? (i.e. youtube)

Ok, you can find the video i was referring at the link below.
It’s a transformation from a 80s japan anime i’m trying to reproduce with a character of my owns. By Analysing the video frame-by-frame, near frames (4 out of 5) seam to have been linked with the cross-dissolve effect. Am I wrong? May this just be an accident while shooting instead of something made intentionally. What’s your opinion about that? In the first case, may this be reproduced with the method Lilly suggested?

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I’ve been completely abandoned :’(

The link you posted was all screwed up. Here is the link I believe you wanted to post:

As for your question, the way I do cross dissolves from one clip to another is during editing in Sony Vegas. I simply overlap the two renders and they transition from one to the other. Not sure that’s the effect you want but that’s how I’d do it.

Thanks Zeb, for all, the link editing too. Any other opinion? Does the sequence I posted make use of cross dissolving?

Kinda looks that way. It smooths out the switch from one clip to the next like when her boots change.

Ok, thank u again!

Another Italian animator (I’m from Italy :)) suggested I could be an error due to the conversion from the original format file, to the one I downloaded to (wav to mpeg). However I think this cross-dissolve is a wanted effect to render the character’s growing …

Cool! I lived in Rome for 4 years back in the 70s.

Ci vediamo dopo!

They say Rome is a better place to work in animation field than Milan (I live there ) :-[

Are you just asking how to animate the change of background colour?

No, I was asking about the supposed cross-dissolving between one frame and the following in the transformation, and about how to make that …

The Colour Transform effect is from Toon Boom Studio, there’s a similar effect called Colour Scale in Animate. You can use either this or the Transparency effect to fade the alpha to zero, but you need to have the two frames that you want to cross-dissolve overlapping on separate drawing layers.


You can just upload to YouTube then post the link here. Make sure that you use the link tag (in the YABBC tags above) around the link, since sometimes YouTube links paste in funny and not the whole link gets highlighted. This prevents that.