cropping layer controls

I have a document in photoshop where I have cut out all the elements of an image and placed them on their own layers, then exported the layers to files, imported them into harmony. Of course, once they are brought in their transform handles are enormous. This is difficult because I have many small parts. I know I could trim the files in Photoshop, however I want them all to come in exactly the same place, set pivots, parent, etc. Is there a way to crop the layer to the png, this shrinking the objects transform handles in Harmony after import?
I hope this makes sense .

I finally figured out a solution if anyone out there has this same problem. I had to have the layers come in big and the same size so all the little pieces of my project would be perfectly registered which left the handles of the bounding box HUGE - a real pain to work with. Copy and paste the object onto a new layer!!! When you next select it the bounding box is the size of the drawing object. Duh!