Critically Speaking, how strong is Toonboom vs. Flash?

I’ve animated in flash for a long time. I predominately do rig-based stuff with frame-by-frame elements, attempting to take advantage of the strengths of both techniques. I currently use CS6, and have worked on adapting techniques to maximize efficiency, even mitigating its chance of crashing on me.

I’ve had a few peers herald Toon Boom as superior, and that it greatly improves efficiency. I’ve been trialing Advanced and will be trialing Premium soon.

I’ve been trying to work with it rigorously for the past few days, but it just feels unintuitive so far. Almost everything you can do in Advanced feels like something I could just as easily do in Flash. The key advantages are the line quality is undoubtedly superior, and it also has the ability to keep everything on a single display, no nesting is needed–stuff can easily be parented together. The better bone functionality and the animation pegs, while nice, aren’t super game changing to me. Setting up drawings and rigs doesn’t feel like it’s saving me any time at all.

Have you searched and tracked down any videos on Youtube addressing this? There are several. Adam Phillips addressed this, as did Jessie J. Jones. Users addressing this topic can be found in various places on the net. I cannot post links as the security software on this forum rejects the characters.