Crisp intersections with Pencil and Cutter Tools

Wondering if there’s a way to get crisp intersection pencil lines using the cutter tool. I often draw pointy things (like hair tufts) by overdrawing intersecting lines, then using the cutter tool to get rid of the overshoot. I do this all the time with the brush/cutter combination.

The issue is that when two pencil lines intersect and I use the cutter tool to cut the overshoot I’m getting awkward square ends intersecting. the attatched image hopefully shows what I’m trying to overcome.

I would like to start using the pencil tool over the brush tool, as it seems much nicer to work with fills and changing thickness later on, but this feature is making it tough.

Anybody got any tricks up their sleeve?

You can in the latest Harmony 9.2.7228 cut with a flat, bevel or round tip to give the second step in my picture. If you want a nice pointy then you could merge the two lines and then change the joint to Mitre like in the last step shown here.

Thanks stevemasson, this is definitely a nice trick. It’s a bit slower than using something like the cutter tool with brush strokes, but at least there’s an option. The only thing that bugs me is that it makes you commit your lines to be merged in order to get the points but I suppose if this is a final pass after you’re done inking a drawing it works.


Brining this thread back from the dead to add a detail about the cutter tool.

The solution above for using the options in the cutter tool work well to create intersections, especially if you use the “round” option in the cutter tool’s options. But the problem I’m running into is if I use the cutter tool by way of a temporary select (using the ‘c’ key) the cutter doesn’t hold onto the “round” option and uses a default setting.

This is a pretty big issue for me, because I use the cutter tool like crazy when doing clean-ups. But having to click back and forth between the pencil and cutter a million times could be solved if I could just attach the temporary cutter to a button on the cintiq.

The solution is a preferences option in the Drawing tab. If you change the “default pencil line tip” to round, this will also affect how the cutter joints intersection.

Hope this helps someone.