Creating Your Own Animation - CURVED Cycle

Hello everyone, :smiley:

I’m here to ask for some help on the “Animating the Butterfly Layer”, page 28 of the Animate Family Help System pdf. ;D

I saw what the Toon Boom Studio can do, I saw a fish jumping in a CURVED line and I believe that the Animate has to be able to do that too. When I open on page 19 I see the butterfly animated on a CURVED line. I tryied everything, Alt, Ctrl, Shift and all the keys, from A to Z, from 0 to 9, from F1 to F12, even Page Up and Page Down to make the layer animation become CURVED, but nothing makes this happen. :o

Could anyone please help me make the animation track/line become CURVED ???

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In Chapter 14 of the user guide, there is a section called “Shaping a Path”. This should give you the information you need. I have used this in Animate on fish jumping and if I remember correctly you do need to experiment and study the text carefully. Again, if I remember correctly, I think it matters whether the “layer” is set up as a “3D path” or “Separate”.

Hope this helps.


:smiley: Thank you very much! It worked.

Double-Click on the drawing layer and set it to 3D Path. You’ll have to redo your keyframes, since 3D path and Separate create completely different types of keyframes.