Creating tween key frames every time i drag a drawing key frame or just a empty frame

Every time when I move shots, the program creates a new key shot. It occurs only on certain layers. I cant switch it off.

What do you have for Stop-Motion Keyframe under Preferences?

Check it if it is unchecked.

Preferences / General / Settings / Stop-Motion Keyframes

That covers tweening at least.

Hi Antonio,

When the Animate mode is enabled, keyframes will automatically be created, either Motion or Stop-Motion type.
If you disable the Animate mode, it will reposition the layer without animating it.

You can read more here:

Animate Mode:


I hope this helps,


I want to move keyframes or extend sequences without creating more keyframes. I turn Animate off but they still occur. The links given in the last post didn’t indicate how to do this. It’s annoying having to extend one layer in character (say the arm) then the leg separately, so as not to create keyframes on layers sandwiched between them on the timeline

Hi Grenspleen,

Would it be possible to post a screenshot of your UI and timeline?
It will make it a bit easier to see you setup and explain what can be done.




I have the same problem, here is my screenshot: