creating texture wierdness animate pro...tga's don't work but tiff's and bmp.

i am new too textures and today i thought i get into them.

i exported textures from Genetica 3 pro

i made them tiff.

i seen Animate only wants tga’s and Psd…no problem …open photoshop open tiff and save as tga’s

now back to Animate pro…all the tga’s shop up as red and black squares.

and i render it …same squares…

i clicked on the texture box in the colour palettes and a window came up with all the textures files. so with nothing to lose i picked the original tiff.

now the texture shows up and it renders

i just thought i add this little bit of info…incase someone else is having a hard time with texture tga’s.

That;s interesting behaviour. Thanks for sharing this pointer.