Creating symbol, transform center points seem random - Animate 2

When I open a new project in Animate 2, draw a shape, convert to symbol, the result gives me a transform point that is randomly way out to the right rather than in the center of the symbol/shape. Then I can’t reposition the transform center point of the shape, it will move randomly if I try to center it on the symbol but will never go exactly to the center of the symbol and sometimes will not move at all.

I’m not talking about the pivot points in the animation mode, just the transform point of symbols I create to be used in a character rig. It’s really weird when all the symbols of a character rig have transform points that are really far from the shape/symbol.

Will also note that if I double click the symbol to edit it, the cross hairs lineup just fine in the center, but when I go back to the main view the transform point is still all weird. Also I don’t have the animate button clicked.


Check maybe there is a translation (pivot offset) in the drawing layer inside of symbol.
If the drawing layer in the symbol has aligned in center, it is either check if there is an (pivot) offset on symbol layer or camera.