Creating shots from a layered PSD file

Hi gang,
I’ve drawn several boards in Photoshop and they are in layers in one PSD file. I’d like to import them into STB Pro with each layer being a shot rather than a STB layer. I’ve searched all over and can’t find info on how to do this. When I import the file through scenes or layers it imports the psd layers and leaves them as layers.

Is it possible to the layers come in as individual scenes? If so how would I go about it?

Second question: While I’ve set up the correct aspect ratio for my boards, the are importing much larger than the frame size in STB Pro. Any ideas on how to get them the right size?


Hi Lincoln

Here is the tutorial on importing images. Here the panels size are adjusted using the select tool. I suggest you select all layers and then adjust the size of them as one to start with.

The video is not mentioning a way to import layers as panels, neither do I find such a method in the manual.

You can solve it by copying your layered panel as many times as there are layers. Then delete the layers systematically from panel to panel until you end up with the layers as panels.

Another way is to use the -Smart Add Panel feature. Go to the top menu -Storyboard -Smart Add Panel. A pop up window opens. Select one of the layers and press OK. A new panel is created with a copy of the selected layer in it. Go to the Imported panel again and repeat the procedure with the next layer. If you start with the layer that will end up last and continue systematically to the first , the panels will end up in the right succession.

Best regards

Thanks Ivaar, that makes sense to approach it that way. I came up with another workaround, as well— exporting the the layers as files from Photoshop and then importing the new images as shots.

And thanks for the tip on sizing!


I’m still having issues with the resize of images. I’ve input the correct pixel dimensions of the files when I set up a new SBP project. But when I import the images they are waaaaaaaaaaay to big. And there’s no way I have the time to manually resize them. There has got to be something in the SBP project setup that will allow my files to come in properly. What am I missing???

Hi again

I have experienced that 3D models can be laborious to size, but for me images usually fits well immediately. Make sure you have not zoomed in the view, top menu View - Reset Zoom (short cut Shift Z) and cheque by turning on the grid.

And cheque that you have not made a truck in with the Camera Tool.

Hope you solve it.

This is incredibly frustrating for something that should be so simple…
I’m not zoomed in. The images are just way larger than the camera dimensions. Even though they are the same pixel dimensions…

Is there anyone, ANYONE out here who has experienced this who can help? There are no answers in the knowledge base and no one in support emails back…


Sorry to hear you are still struggling. I have no idea what is going on.
The other ToonBoom softwares usually have an import dialogue box that makes it possible to choose how the imported image is going to be inserted. Fit by width or fit by hight. SBPro doesn’t seem to have that.
But it fit by hight, at least for me.

Here is an advice from the user guide on file size/import:
Bitmap Integration
–Toon Boom Storyboard Pro allows you to create storyboards by importing scanned images or bitmaps drawn in another software. During the import process, images are vectorized and placed in a new scene in a vector bounding box as a bitmap fill. The bitmap image’s resolution can affect your project’s file size and the speed at which the software functions while handling your project. When importing bitmaps into storyboard there is rarely need to use a high resolution. This will not increase the quality of your PDF or animatic. You should import bitmaps with a resolution close to the project resolution. For example, in an NTSC project, using a bitmap with a 720x480 resolution or a 72dpi quality will be fine.–

Maybe you could try to open a new project and just import some few images to see how SBPro handles it in a new project.

Working with stopmotion in other software I have experienced similar problems as you describe due to pixel shape . That some programs react and compensate for pixel shape others don’t.
I never work in Pal or NTSC in ToonBoom so I don’t know how these formats react on import/transition of pixel shape.
I can’t help you out here. But if you give information on version of Storyboard, Scene settings and file format and size of the images you are importing I can try it out on my computer. I am on a mac with OSX 10.7.5. Maybe someone else enter this thread and help you out too.

Best regards

I appreciate the help Ivar! I’m still trying to work it out. Currently, the images are jpegs rather than bitmaps…they are 200 dpi. I wonder if shrinking them to 72 dpi would make a difference or not…

I appreciate any help you can provide and understand that you’re donating time on your clock to do so. Many thanks for any insight you might find and for the previous insight you’ve given!


Francois in Support has gotten to the bottom of the mystery and helped me resolve the issue. Here’s what Francois said:

"The problem is the “Field of view”.
Unfortunately, you cannot change it using the Storyboard Pro 2 user interface.
You need to edit the resolution.conf file available in your preference directory.

On Windows, this file is located here :
C:UsersAppDataRoamingToon Boom AnimationToon Boom Storyboard Proresolution.conf
On OS X, the resolution.conf file is located in your user’s home/Library/Preferences/Toon Boom Animation/Toon Boom Storyboard Pro/full-910-pref/resolution.conf

You need to display the “Invisible” directories in order to reach this “AppData” folder.

When you edit the resolution.conf file in a text editor like Wordpad, you will find one line per custom resolution you have saved.
You will have to add the capital letter “V” at the end of the resolution line in order to force the calculation of the field of view based on the vertical fit instead of horizontal fit.

Here’s an example :
resolution HDTV � � � � � � � 1920 1080 fps 24 H
resolution HDTV_Vertical � � �1920 1080 fps 24 V

So, first step is to find and edit the resolution.conf file
Then, you need to duplicate the line representing your resolution values and add V at the end.
You also want to rename this new line so there will not be duplicate entries.

When done, create a new project using this resolution and try to import your images.
They should fix the camera frame perfectly."

And indeed it does! BTW this was a custom size- widescreen 2.35 aspect ratio.

Thanks for posting the solution.
Thumbs up for support.

I tried to look it up but didn’t find it. So after a search I found it under:
Applications or Programmer in Norwegian.
I am on a mac

Programmer/ Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 2/tba/etc/resolution.conf

When I opened it it seems to be the same preference file as you describes.

Since code scares me off I didn’t dare to change anything there, but its good to know if I should run into trouble.

I wonder if the 3D import size is possible to determine in a similar way?