Creating rigs from base without sharing color pallets.

There was a thread many months ago on this but I feel like I should rebump this.

While Harmonys palletes work great for character transitions/recolors due to lighting, it’s quite extremely annoying to work with when creating side/bg characters out of existing. You are required to use a color/pallete override for the reproduced characters, and this often will break if the duplicated/original characters use color overrides that are tied to pallete, causing conflicts or not working at all if a pallete override is piped in.

Instead it should be like this:

Say you have character you made named A.

You should be able to save that character A as a different rig (a special setting for making new character or the like), which then takes everything existing and duplicates the color and assigns new color ids to the duplicates so that you can use on one stage without a clash.

Pallete overrides can only work so much, and in any complex rig it just doesn’t work well, creating an unnecessary headache.

Flash might be shittier overall, but in flash when you copy/paste a rig, its extremely easy to take the parent symbol, duplicate/rename it and boom, the rig exists on its own without impacting the original.

Yes, it would be great if Toon Boom could develop a solution to that problem.

“Because Colour Palettes aren’t just a designer’s problem. They are everybody’s problem.”

(Tracy Strong)