Creating Preloader?

Ok so i’ve seen the Halloween Greeting card by Marley Bish in the showcase. My question is. How on Earth did he make the preloader and the replay button at the end.

Please note that i’ve been searching for days on end trying to figure out a way to create a preloader. I IMPLORE you! Please explain to me how to make a preloader with TBS!

Help is greatly appreciated. :-[

Hi Gary,

Toon Boom Studio has no scripting features at all. You need flash to create these buttons. All you need to do is to import you TBS movie with the Toon Boom Studio Importer for Flash MX and then create your prealoader and replay button in actionscript.

That’s it !

Wow thanks. So do I have to actually buy flash or can i just download a free trial? I’m don’t really have money to spend like crazy :-<br />

by the way, thanks so much for replying :stuck_out_tongue:

You can do it with a trial version of Flash I’m sure, but that’ll only help you for 30 days.

Another option is exporting to Quicktime. If you are on a Mac (or even Windows XP) you can create web pages with the .Mac service for about $99/ year (much cheaper than Flash).

Quicktime is easy to set up from any HTTP web server–even without the .Mac service.