creating perspective with text ?

hi all am looking for help trying to get a similar move to the opening of star wars with the prologue fading off in perspective. Can this be achieved with tb ? and if so how ?
cheers ;D

Yes, this effect can be produced in TBS. As soon as time permits I’ll create a tutorial describing the techniques involved and post it on the Cartooning In Toon Boom blog. But the short answer is that text can be animated just like anything else in Toon Boom. -JK

OK, the tutorial is ready on the Cartooning In Toon Boom blog. I hope it helps you start to get a handle on using TBS and text. -JK


ok thank you for that will check it out ;D

Another option would be to create the text in a separate program like Photoshop and then import it as an image into Toon Boom. My thinking for that is that the distinctive Star Wars scroll effect has a touch of distortion that Toon Boom isn’t capable of (top of each letter is smaller than the bottom).

Just a thought.

Actually Will, that effect is also possible in TBS. First create your text then use tools>break text apart twice which converts the text from a text object to a shape object. Then you can distort the shapes to suit your effect. IE fatter top of letters and thinner bottom of letters. It is quite creative what can be done to animate text by zooming in close and using the contour edit tool to deform the letters. -JK

Aha, I see where you’re going now. When I played with the tools a bit more I found what I was looking for, the Perspective editor.

The “twice” part of the break text apart command is key. Once you do that though, the Perspective editor takes care of the rest with ease.

I’ve learned something today and now my brain is full. Time to go home.

I said I was going to go home, but then I didn’t. Oh well.

I hope this is useful.

Well, JK’s never ending source of support, assistance and knowledge are an inspiration…
His well written articles and tutorials are always a pleasure to read…

Well, back to the subject…
Break Text Apart (one or twice)… opens so many possibilities…
I was actually quite surprised how easy one could recreate this effect,
or at least the Illusion of it.

Isn’t it always exciting to learn something new…

Anyway here is an example (could be a little slower I guess)…

If anyone is interested the Template “ScrollingText1.tbt” can be downloaded from my iDisk:


thanks guys that example is exactly what im looking for i will have a look at that and try to get it right - Im a newbie at this and am still only on the trial version but i think u guys having giving me enough of an indication that TB is certanly the way to go forward for me now - I spent many years using deluxe paint on the old amiga and made some movies out of it too but now im trying to get back into it again this looks the perfect software package …cheers again
bri ;D