Creating Motion Paths

I’m needing some help creating a motion path for my camera enabling me to truck, pan, zoom etc.

I have watched a plethora of online tutorials all using different methods of creating this technique. However, every time I try and employ these methods, it simply will not work. I am at a total loss and would love some assistance.

Which is the best way of attaching a camera-peg? How can I create an effective motion path? And, which is the best method to create a multi-plain surface?

Any help or feedback would be HUGELY appreciated!!!

Creating a Motion-Path for any Layer, Camera or Drawing…
There might be no “Best Way” or Best Method”…?
You choose the way you feel most comfortable with…

If you like, here is a very simple example, creating a “Motion-Path”
for a drawing- and camera-layer:

And a slightly more complex “Motion-Path” through a Multi-Plane-Scene,
using Motion-Points and Key-Frames:

And “Edit Velocity”:
(Be aware, those videos are all without sound, nevertheless easy to follow)

Otherwise check the Toon Boom Studio User Guide: Creating a Motion Path…

Do you have any of these videos on You Tube? They don’t seem to be displaying anything other than a quicktime symbol on the site. Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Those Videos will not play on Windows PC’s
unless QuickTime is installed…