Creating Mirrored Clone

Anyone know if it’s possible to create a “Mirrored” clone.

In other words:
- Create right arm, rotating clockwise using keyframes
- Clone Drawing object
- Update clone (basically the left arm) and change all roation angles to their mirrored values (anti-clockwise) etc.

I can do some of this in the Function Editor but this is painfull for a large number of keyframes.

Is there a way to ‘search’ for a value in the keyframes (e.g. rotation angle) and do a change across all of them?


You probably would have an easier time by simply making an horizontal scale of -1 on the arm to make an inverse reflection of the drawing. Be aware that you could actually do the rotations on a peg and the mirroring on the element which would allow you keep the same rotation angle instead of having to invert all of the values.

This being said I am not quite sure if that is what you are looking for so more information may be helpful for me to help you out any further.

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Thanks Ugo

I’m using cloned elements a lot and have been using the “-1” flip in properties window.

Here’s what I wanted to do:
Create a right arm.
Extend exposure
Use keyframes (in drawing element)
Rotate arm clockwise, say 35 degress, then back. Repeat.
Then clone arm to create left arm (with keyframes)

The problem is that the left arm now moves 35 degress clockwise, just like the right arm. What I was aiming for is to have thearm move 35 degress anti-clockwise to create the mirror image.

I can use the Function Editor and select each keyframe and change the rotation angle (-35 rather than +35) etc. but that is not practical for a large number of frames.


I see what you mean, in this case you clearly should use a top peg over the arm element to do the rotation rather then do it directly on the drawing element. By attaching the drawing to a peg you can easily flip the drawings and keep the same rotation on both element (you could actually copy the whole peg keyframes from the original pegs and paste them on the second arm peg). If you want to have even more control you could add extra pegs too (too add an offset in the rotation let’s say) but that is getting quite advanced for simply duplicating an arm.

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Will that work…?

When the Right arm moves up in the air (clockwise as you look at it) I want the Left arm to move up into the air also (anti-clockwise as you look at it).

How do I reverse the rotation in the Peg keyframes?



If you want the reverse rotation to happen what you could do is to use the flip on the peg (maybe a top peg) and copy the same rotation on a sub peg. So the -1 to scale will be on a peg rather then on the element. Then copy/paste all the keyframes from the original peg to the first top peg.

Basically you need to make your peg structure to be able to reflect changes



Thanks Ugo - now it makes sense.

I had just started moving away from Peg elements and started using pegs in the drawing elements. All things seemed neater…

Would be good for the Properties window to show properties relating to the drawing within a Drawing Element AND any embedded keyframes. You could then flip either the drawing and/or the rotation or other keyframe values.