creating loops within loops? running endlessly?

I’m trying to create an animation to be used on a website and it’s supposed to loop endlessly.

The animation is of a ship that has many sails, all cycling at different rates. For example the main sail is flapping on a 24 frame loop, where another sail is looping on a 30 frame cycle.

I understand that you can cycle exposures for a specified amount, and if this were a traditional video or animation it would have a beginning and end, but since it has to loop endlessly how do I get a seamless loop for the entire project?

The way I used to do it in Flash was the following: all the individual parts were in nested symbols that were all cycling independently, so once an element was set looping it would just loop forever. Is there a way to achieve this in Animate Pro? I know it could be done if every loop is a multiple of say 100 or something like that, but it’s pretty limiting to have to create cycles this way.

I’m authoring to SWF so this animation would be cycling endlessly
Any ideas?

Unfortunately we can’t define the individual elements to loop the same way you can do in Flash. What you would have to do is you would have to find a number of frames that would allow each of those loops to end on the same frame. For example, if one is a 24-frame loop, then you would want to do a scene length of 120 frames. that would be 4 loops of 30, and 5 loops of 24.

Hope this helps.