creating independent cells


I’m so glad this forum is here because the support materials for a newbie aren’t the best. I’ve just purchased Animate 2.0 and have been using Toon Boom Studio for some time.

I can’t figure out how to make an independent cell from a previous cell that I’ve copied. In Studio this is simple, but I can’t see how to do it here.

When I type in copy cell, and then go to the cell where I want to put it and then go to shift, command, paste, it doesn’t work because the cell is still dependent on the one I copied. I tried shift, command, duplicate and it worked once and then it didn’t so I don’t know about that.

In Studio the command is: paste new object, or shift, command, paste. This creates a new cell from the old and it can be changed without affecting the previous cell.

I know this is a simple question. But, I’ve looked for the answer and can’t find it, so I hope someone out there can help me.

And, if anyone can recommend better learning tools for Animate I’d love to hear about them.



copy and paste the drawing into a new cell rather than the cell itself.

As for learning tools, aside from the toonboom videos I recommend Adam Phillips (search youtube) and mine :).

Also keeps you up to date with any new learning material available.

Thanks for the tips about the tutorials.

According to what I’ve gleaned since putting out this query in order to create an independent cell from a copied cell you go to Paste Special. That’s what I did and it worked.

Thank-you Lily! I will try this, but it seems easier to do what I mentioned, fewer steps.

Something else that you can do which I find generally easier is you can copy and paste the drawing with the regular Ctrl+C Ctrl+V on the cells in the timeline. At this point they’re still linked - but then if you do a duplicate drawing, it will create a new drawing.

You can also extend exposure (F5) then duplicate drawing to achieve the same ends, if you want to do the new drawing right next to the old one.

There’s a shortcut for Duplicate Drawing but to double-check it just right-click on the cell in your timeline and go to Drawing > Duplicate Drawing.

There’s also a button for it in the Timeline toolbar, which is what I always do.