Creating holds?

My typical process is like this. I will create the key poses then go and create the breakdowns and extra inbetweens after first checking the timing. I really need to find a way to create a held pose. How do I have one frame continue till a new frame is created? I may be too used to working in maya with the stepped keys mode. I realize I can extend the frames, but doing this moves other frames in process. In the user manual therewas a tip about selecting a frame then somehow extending the previous frame to this point. I was not able to get this to work, but this is basically what I need. Would be best if the frame held on its own untill another frame was created.

Any ideas?

Here’s a shortcut for extending the exposure in the Exposure Sheet window.

1. Selecting the cell that you want to extend the previous drawing’s exposure time to.
2. Select Element > Cell > Extend Exposure.

This is what i meant… it extends all the following frames the number it is extended, so it is not what I want. Is ther no way to adjust timing without affecting other frames?

a good question.

i use extending when i animate in a straight away method.
if i use keyframes or mixed method i try to avoid extending, instead of i copy, move or remove frames (cut, not delete).
if i must use extending of the in-betweens, i delete the same amount of adjacent frames to preserve the overall frames count (and to keep the next keyframes on their places).
to be frank, i know no alternative method and i havent’t thought about one, too.

if there is one, i would be also glad to know it.