Creating gif type of animation files

Prior to purchasing Toon Boom I asked sales if I could create gif type of animation files. The answer was yes. Once I purchased the program contacted the Help desk and asked the same at which time the answer was NO. So the question is can I create gif type of files. These are the simple files of say a flag that waves or a dog barking, etc. By the way I’m a total novice at animation.

As far as I know, Toon Boom Studio can’t export directly to GIF.

Try this:
In Studio create your image sequence / Save as PSD /
Import those images (Place…) into one layered Photoshop project /
(If you don’t have Photoshop, use PS-Elements, Gimp or else…)

Go to File / Save for Web / Preset GIF / Check Animation / Check Loop /
Click OK and Save / Open this GIF in any browser…


Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned that I don’t necessarily require gif files but anything that would open automatically when I put these images/sequences in an email. So if gif is old technology and it has been replaced by something else that will do the same that is okay. I send out a lot of emails to our club and like to make them more interesting using animated objects that I place within the email.

I do have both Elements and Photoshop so I could follow the process you spelled out. Let me know if there is a more up to date method and thanks again…Bob