Creating Deforms, Problem

Using Harmony Premium 14.0, I am currently rigging my character, which has three views, my problem is when creating the deforms for the legs.

I have three separate legs that I have made separate drawings in the library of course. I created three sepparate deforms for each leg, useing the add new deformation tab in the deformation tools, the deforms created for the back legs worked.

But when I was creating the deforms for the front legs I had problems… When I start to create the deform where I want it,
it ends up placing itself far from the drawing in the camera view, so I can’t creat the deform for the leg…

I have tryed closing the program and opening it back up, that doesn’t work, I’m not sure if I accidentally disabled something?

It’s broken in the release version of 14 but has been fixed in the beta ( Try asking support if they will provide you the beta, otherwise you can only go back to 12 or keep waiting for public release of fix.