Creating Custom Mouth Positions

I have drawn mouth positions to replicate the lip-synch chart (more or less). How can I save them as a custom set of lip synch positions?

Also, how do I increase the height of the waveform. I created the waveform in Audacity and imported the sound track as a .wav file.

The way to save an element composed of one or several cells (which in his case would be an element Mouth, which contains eight mouth positions required to compute a lip sync), is to select your pictures and create a template in the Library, Local if only you’ll use in this project, or in the Global Library if used in several projects.
If their mouths are in different elements, you must select all the cells desired of all elements and create a template (Remember, to lip sync: all positions must be in the same element)
To create a template you must drag the selection to the right window of the library, selecting Local or Global Library on the left. You can rename the template, preview and edit it in this way.
You can´t increase the maximum input audio level in TBS, you needs to use a sound editor software for this purpose.
For adjust the audio volume over time, in the Current Sound panel, click on the waveform to add an envelope marker. Drag the envelope markers to adjust the volume at each frame and the time of the transition.The line from the edge of the clip to the envelope marker identifies how the volume either increases (fades-in) or decreases (fades-out) over time. Yoryo