Creating character voices

I currently have Soundbooth CS3 and Garage Band but would like to know of other software that may be really easy to use for creating character voices. I’m looking for something that I can record my voice with and easily manipulate to find voices that would better fit my characters. My vocals alone, will not cut it ;D and could use all the help I can get on this. I am also not a professional yet, so a relatively inexpensive program or device would be nice. I could and would probably be willing to throw down on something good for around $125.


I think a good condenser mic is a good thing to look into first. Just google condenser mics and you will find one quick.

If you are in need of voice actors You can also go to a site like The Voice Acting Club and set up some Auditions. Most of the members there are from New grounds and are more than willing to help. Oh it is free.;D

I know that doesn’t exactly answer your question but its all I’ve got :stuck_out_tongue:

try reaper and audacity for free/cheap ways to edit your sounds.

To start with play with the pitch on audacity.

Other good effects to start off are chorus, phaser.

If your looking for weird off this planet effects, you can run then though guitar effects too.

I bought an MXL990 USB mic for $100 with a free pop shield thrown in. Then I got a boom mic stand for about $20. The mic requires no preamp so it’s easy to use.

I have Soundbooth but prefer Audacity for recording. After I record I do the Noise Removal filter (first get a sample of a silent part of your recording and create a profile then apply it to the whole recording), and then use either Normalize or Compressor to even out the highs and lows. Then you can try playing around with pitch or speed to change the voice.

Here is a tutorial on setting up to make character voices;

Parts 2 and 3 talk more about the actual process;

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the tutorials and for sharing them!