Creating Bitmap-Rigs from photoshop: advanced tips needed!

Hello there everyone.

I am working on a mobile game with characters that are in a painterly style, made in photoshop. I’m trying to find the best way to organize and import these designs so they are conducive to rigging. What I was wondering is if there is a way to import a PSD, and create a symbol for each photoshop group-- a way I can get a TVG of each element of the character with all their drawing substitutions for what was in the photoshop group. (i.e. a ps group named L_arm contains a layer for every arm substitution)

As it stands I get 1 symbol, with drawing substitutions for everything in the photoshop file. I’m using CS 6 and Harmony 10.3

Any help would be appreciated!


Personally I use spriter or spine 2d for all my game animation needs.

Not exactly an answer to your question, but if you haven’t heard of those programs they may be worth checking out.

Amazing for character animations. Not so much for animating an entire scene though.

Typically in photoshop I use an export layers as png script so I have all of my parts/layers separated to easily work with.

Thanks for the reply. unfortunately this production is starting now, so I and my colleague need to animate with what we know.

I realize I should just use a PS script to save the groups as separate folders with pngs or psd files. Thanks again.