Creating bitmap line art and bitmap colour art.

I am learning Harmony 12.2.
I want to work totally in bitmap, which I understand is possible in Harmony 12.

I created a new drawing layer, and clicked the ‘bitmap’ buttons for the line art and colour art layers. I selected ‘Create colour art from line art’,
but when I tried to generate bitmap colour on the bitmap art layer, I got the message ‘Can not generate colour art when destination is a bitmap art layer’.

I am a bit confused about this. The software seemed to enabled ‘bitmap’ for both the line art and the colour art layers, but then would not allow me to generate bitmap colour art on the colour art layer.

Can anyone explain this? Perhaps I am doing something wrong.

Hi Toymaker,

The function to create Colour Art from Line Art is used to create invisible vector strokes on vector layers. It cannot be used on Bitmap layers.

To use the function, you would have to create a vector Colour Art and paint in vector, while your lines are in bitmap in the Line Art.

Note that you could always create your Colour Art as vector, paint it in vector and then convert your Colour Art to bitmap and continue from there if you want to add additional bitmap brush strokes to your flat colour zones.

How to change the art mode:

  1. Open the Layer Properties view.
  2. In the Timeline view, select the layer you want to edit.
  3. In the Layer Properties view, select the Drawing tab.
  4. In the Art Layers section, select the art mode for each art layer.

How to convert drawings to match the art mode

  1. In the Timeline view, select the layer that contains the drawings you want to convert.

  2. From the Timeline view menu, select Layers > Convert Drawings to Match Art Layer Type.

    You can also right-click on the selected layer and select Convert Drawings to Match Art Layer Type.

    All drawings in the layer are converted to the selected art mode. Note that bitmap strokes are not vectorized when converted to a vector art layer. They are simply inserted in a square vector frame containing a bitmap texture.

Hope this helps!