Creating an invisible layer in STB PRo 4?


I’m brand new to Storyboard Pro 4 and I’m having trouble figuring out how to create an invisible layer.

I’ve watched all the tutorials multiple times and I can’t find how to create one. In the merging tutorial, the sample board has an invisible rough layer, that doesn’t get merged. But there is no explanation how to make an invisible layer.

I would like to have a layer I can do my rough sketching on that won’t show up in the final file. Is this possible?

Any help would be appreciated.

Did you click on the eyeballs on the layer or right click on the layer to show /hide a layer.

You can follow the last poster’s advice, alternately you can turn up the opacity of a particular layer using the opacity slider (or typed value).

Hi Craig Taillefer

You can choose a layer over a range of panels in the thumbnail view in the Drawing workspace.

The layer has to have the same name in all the panels.
Select the first panel, press and hold cmd+shift as you selct the actual layer and the last panel and layer. You have now selected a layer over a range of panels and can turn on/of the visibility as explained in the other answers on this thread.

Best regards