Creating an Envolope Deformer

I looked at the Toon Boom harmony premium documentation to follow the guides of how to create an envelope deformer. It says to make it like a curve deformer encompassing the shape of the drawing, however to close it you need to alt+click the root to turn it into a Bezier handle. However I can not do that. Whenever I hold down alt+click nothing happens, it just selects the root. I’m kind of frustrated because the official documentation says that’s how it’s done, but it’s not working and I can’t find any other recourses to help.

It is not like the keyboard shortcut combo, Alt + Click.

Instead do it this way:

  1. hold the Alt key down


  1. click on the originating deformer dot.

You do not align the cursor over the dot until after you are holding down the Alt key.

Then with the Alt key held down you click on the dot.

that’s what I have been doing, It doesn’t work, and this is the latest Premium version

If you mouse-over the centre of the first point when you press alt, the ‘cross’ icon should change for a circle with a small ‘c’ on the top right. Then you should be able to close the envelope by clicking. This does fail with me sometimes and I have to repeat the process. The same should work with alt pressed while mouse-overing the central point.

Luis Canau

Isn’t there a snap to endpoint option in the preferences? I seem to remember seeing it one of the many tutorials I’ve watched, because closing shapes is really overly meticulous in where you can click to close a shape. It has to be right on top of, the very dead center of the other point, and if it’s even of by a quarter of a nose hair, it will not close the shape.

Hmm it works for me running 12.1.1 if it matters.

The way the cursor changes from a cross to a circle makes the alignment step very easy. I work on 23" screens at 1920x1200. The size of the area targeted is not an issue for me. Are you working with a smaller screen?

Preferences => Drawing => Paint => Auto Gap Closing on Startup and Auto Gap Closing in Pixel Unit

There is Snap to Contour and Snap and Align under the Select Tool and Contour Editor tool properties.

There is the Close Gaps option.

There is Close Contour under Layer Properties

You can adjust the tolerance so it does not have to be aligned precisely to close a gap.