Creating a template layer that is editable

Has anyone found a way to create a custom template that is editable?I’ve dragged a drawing from the panel into the library and create a template file. But the templates I make is non-selectable and non-editable. I can’t move it around, etc.What I want to create is something like one of the FX drawings in the library. They’re tvg files which I have no idea how to create. When you drag them into the panel they’re selectable, and you can move them around any way you like.Is there a way import an image into a tvg that is a vector based? I need the transparency.Please help!Edit: Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 1.6 version 8.6.2

With Storyboard 1.6, what you have to do is drag the template back into the scene, and then you need to do an additional step - and that is to go to Tools > Convert Template to Drawing. Then you should be able to select it and move it, etc.

If you have a drawing that supports trransparency, then you can right-click in the library window (not the folder part, but the part where the actual templates are) and select Import Files… then just select the file. When you drag and drop it into the scene, the parts that were transparent should still be transparent.

This should also be true if you do Import Images as Scenes or Import Images as Layers.

Of course, if your image has a white background, that background won’t come in as transparent.

Hope this helps!