Creating a storyboard from a Studio Project

Software: Storyboard Pro and Toon Boom Studio 3.5 or 3.0I’m working with an animation that I created in Studio two years ago. I have all of the raw files. I want to create a Spanish Language version, but I do not know Spanish, so I must create a Storyboard of the original cartoon, which never really existed, out of the Studio files. This way, the high school Spanish teachers can use something for the class to translate it as an exercise.So, the problem is, what is the best way to import Studio files into Storyboard to pull out useful stills. I am finding Storyboard is crashing when lots of tga files are added. Swf export also seems to be unhelpful, since only the first frame is added.It seems to me the swf import feature in Storyboard is not very stable and also tends to crash or lock-up using files exported from Flash.Also, if I can only import the first frame of an swf file into a project, that doesn’t do much good. Is there a way to pull out other frames of a Flash project?There has got to be a way to do this without a lot of pain.Steve

Hi Steven,Here are some pointers that might help you out importing TBS content inside of Storyboard.The first thing is that if you are to use the tga import, make sure that you have the alternate gradient and cutter function trigger. You can access this feature through the Edit>Preferences>Drawing View tab and check the Alternate Gradient and Cutter. This feature helps when you are using a video card that might not be fully compliant with OpenGL.Has for the swf import, it is possible to recover frames others then the first one in the swf. To do so you will first need to go in the Timeline Workspace. Then import your swf (non-editable one where you can see the whole content of the swf but can’t edit it). To recover a certain pose in the swf all you have to do is bring the slider to the according pose then right click in the drawing space (while having the layer of the swf selected) and do Convert Template to Drawing. This will keep the current pose throughout the whole scene. Once the drawing is converted it might be a good idea to Flatten the layer to remove any useless parts.Using this way you should be able to recover vector element from Toon Boom Studio.Best regards,Ugo