Creating a multi-scene movie?

I’ve been trying to figure out to make a movie in toonboom that has more than one scene in it. If you create each scene as a different file, how do you put them together into one movie? Is that even possible? Please any help would be greatly appreciated!

I think the best solution, or so I have been told, is to make each scene as a different file and then combine all exported parts in a video-editing software (After Effects, Premiere, Sony Vegas,…). I personally do it this way and then export to After Effects for post-production.

If you’re worried about having to import colors/palletes/setting up a scene… each time you do a next scene, I suggest making a “template”, as in making a file where you already have set preferations, imported palletes,etc. so instead of opening a new blank project every time, just open the “template” and Save it As a new scene name.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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