Creating a Cycle from and to a specific frame: how?


I need to create a Cycle of drawings within a certain rage of frames.
The Cycle starts at frame 1000, and I want it to stop at 1300.
The ‘Create Cycle’ command asks me how many cycles I want to create, but I don’t know if they will fall short of or exceed frame 1300.

I tried using the ‘Sequence Fill’ feature, but up to now to no avail.

Is there a way to do this?

thank you,

The only way I know of is to do the math yourself. You can always overestimate and remove the excess.

Hi TheRaider

yes, that’s what I do. Overestimate and erase, but I thought I was using a workaround.
To add and cut and go-guessing is time-consuming and a real nuisance, when you have to create many cycles.

I am amazed there is no way to make a cycle fit exactly a given range of frames.

thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

maybe a feature request might be to add a “cycle to frame number” box in the create cycle dialog. I certainly think it would be useful and allow creation of “partial cycles” to fill the frames up perfectly.

Hi Lilly

thank you for the reply.
I Think this improvement would be really important.


I’ve submitted this as a feature request.