Creating a Character Sheet to use for cleanup

I do traditional frame by frame animation on harmony 12 essentials and I really love the features with it. Especially the drawing substitution feature. One of the difficult things that happens when you animate traditionally is doing cleanup. Its very time consuming and pushes production time. Though I had a thought that involves creating a Character Sheet using the drawing substitution. Basically as the show goes on I would add a sheet of character expressions that are already cleaned up. Sort of how Stop Motion Animators have different heads for different expressions. When I am ready to do cleanup I would just bring one of the drawing expressions I need. I can always make changes depending on the scene. One thought too is that it could also be exported onto either a sprite sheet or something that could be reusable for future animation. Rather than trying to build a rig and be cutout this would be already pre-made drawings that could be overlay on top of rough animation to make cleanup move quickly. I am curious to know if that would be a possibility for Toonboom to tackle on a future upgrade or if there is a possibility to do that?

Just a random idea I had to help improve the product more.

all the best!