creating a camera zoom

i want to do a camera zoom on a house. i have been looking through the help file…added my camera…added a peg but then i got lost.

i had previously created a zoom out effect by selecting animate/transform and then making the item large in the first keyframe and then a decreased size in the final frame. when i went to attempt do that this time i could only stretch the drawing very narrowly. do i have something wrong selected? should i just be trying to do this with the camera anyway? thanks for any help.

You shouldn’t be scaling your objects for a camera zoom.

You are correct you should add a peg to your camera.

Then what you should do is select the peg (not the camera) and animate that for the zoom.

Adam Phillips has a great tutorial on youtube camera movements. Here is a link to the first part


Select your camera peg using the Transform tool or Advanced Animation tools and in the Top view, you can move your Camera cone. Make sure the Animate mode is enabled.
In the Top view, your Camera cone should be yellow when animating.