Creating a blank frame

Hej brothers and sisters
At last I have found a way of communicating!!!
Well thats a start!! Though help folk do respond very well!
So…I have symbols/Templates of individual parts of my character! I introduce them to my movie and they are on separate layers in the time line!
I want 1st layer to appear for say 12 frames!
I then want 2nd layer to show after this for 6 frames!
Then back to 1st layer for 7 frames/whatever etc!
I want a blank frame/or stop frame to insert on frame 13 of 1st layer so that I can extend that to frame 19 when sequence will reappear etc et al etc.!
There has to be a logical easy way! I’m not a complete nonce but HOW!!!
I loose my temper too much with software!!
I love Toonboom and animation.
Help me introduce karma into my animated life!!
Downside: This is urgent I have deadlines!!

Thank you Lilly. Yes I have found extending the animation in the time line and control X cutting the sequence i dont want does the job. But I cant help feeling there has to be a better way?
Your eyes are spooky!!! :slight_smile:
Do you know of a blank key frame in Animate?



If you want to delete the exposure for a sequence of frames, simply select those cells in the timeline and hit delete. This will remove the exposure on those frames.

Hope this helps.


Well in Animate there is a separate concept between a drawing and a keyframe. You can have the drawings change, or turn on and off, independent of the keyframes. So there is no concept of a blank keyframe - you either have a keyframe on that frame, or you don’t.

You can have a blank drawing, by creating an empty drawing, but there’s no advantage to doing this - if you do this, you’ll find that your drawing substitution window in your library will fill up with blank frames, and it isn’t terribly useful.

You don’t need to Ctrl+X to cut the sequence, you simply select the frames and then hit the Delete button (backspace button).

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