Creating 3D characters in the form of 2D in Animate PRo

IS it possible? we can create houses and nature stuffs in a 3D way in the form of 2D drawing.

Can we also create a 3D (human) character so it will be even easier to animate, rotate any way around the character?

I dont know if any one has posted about this. I just didnt take a look at the form so sorry about that. And I just asked out of curiosity.


There is no actual modeling being done inside of Animate Pro so you could not actually be creating a 3D character in the software. You could although create yourself rooms in 3D by using flat drawings which you would rotate to create boxes and such. So you could in theory use this technique to create full 3D structure as long as those structure do not have any part which bend (since everything is a flat panel).

The import of actual 3D models in the software will be done in a later module for the software.



Geez…! So you guys are trying to make it better huh! Keep up the good work. I am counting on you guys and good luck.