Create templates with new Colour IDs


it often happens that, if you don’t think of it when creating your rigs, you’ll encounter the problem that several rigs have colours that share their Colour ID with colours from other rigs created in other scenes.

This causes the problem that once you import these rigs into the same scene, the colours won’t have the right values anymore for at least one of these rigs.
The drawing colours of the imported rig will get their values of the colours of another palette containing colours with the same Colour ID but different values.

The only way to change the IDs of painted zones of a drawing is to repaint them one by one, zone by zone, substitution drawing by substitution drawing, layer by layer.
This can be very time consuming.

That’s why I think that it would be great if there was a way to create a new version of the rig in which all its drawings refer to colours with newly created independent Colour IDs stored in newly created palettes.

This could be for example an option that could be called ‘Create New Colour IDs’ or ‘Create Independent Colours’ that can be checked at the moment when you create a new template.

I just watched Tracy Strongs very instructive tutorial video on colours which is really worth watching from start to end.

[QUOTE/]“Because Colour Palettes aren’t just a designer’s problem. They are everybody’s problem.”[/QUOTE] (Tracy Strong)

In her video she also talks about the colour ID problem that you’ll encouter when several characters share colours with the same Colour IDs.
The feature that she would like to see in a future version of Harmony to solve that problem would be that one could right-click on a colour to select and launch a function creating a new colour ID for that colour by still reaming connected to the drawings painted with it.

I find that this is a great idea.
The best would be if that could work on several selected colours at the same time.

Yeah. Should be a way to save the file as a new file that copies over all the colours but gives them new ids

If you rename the palettes the colors ID are not conflicting. I think.

Nope, renaming does nothing as the id stays the same and it’s a clone. Duplicating a pallet copies over the colors with new ids but does not impact the rig anymore as it’s a separate color entity and is useless for said rig (unless you manually repaint it with new pallete).

And this is what allows you to create several palettes for the same character (other colour tones for e.g. like night scenes, special ambiences, …).
The palette names can change but, the colour IDs remain the same.

That’s how palettes work and it’s well thought-out.

The problem appears when the colours of the rigs of different characters are pointing to the colours of the same palette( s ) (have the same colour IDs).

I just gave a try to the new ‘Recolour Drawings’ function.

And it works very well.
Thank you Toon Boom Team!