Create New Empty Drawing with Duplicate Pivot IN ONE BUTTON PRESS hack

I have created a hack to create a new empty drawing with the pivot of the previous one IN ONE BUTTON PRESS.

Before, you would have to either duplicate the drawing, select all the contents of the new one, then delete them before starting work on the new position, or create a new empty drawing after which you would copy and paste the pivot information


Here is my hack.

In order for this to work, you need either a Wacom tablet or some kind of macro creating software for keyboard presses such as BetterTouchTool (which you can download yourselves- Google it.)

After you select the relevant drawing, you want the macro to do the following:

  1. Duplicate Drawing
  2. Select the Pencil Tool (or brush tool depending on taste)
  3. Select All
  4. Delete

So you assign each of these functions to hotkeys in Harmony preferences, note them down, then with these hotkeys, go to Wacom’s preferences and under the ExpressKeys section, assign one of the Wacom keys to essentially go through the above shortcut presses in that order like a mini program, saving you 4 steps every time you want to do this ruddy repetitive thing.

You can then just press this assigned Wacom expresskey, and the macro will create a brand new clear drawing with the previous pivot point automatically created and ready for you to draw the next position.
The drawing is selected using any method you like - in my case its usually the transform tool

This will save you LOADS of time, and make the creative process much easier.

Toon Boom. Could you just make this a normal feature, without us having to create this longwinded nonsense instead, please?