Create Kinematic output tool in Harmony 12 Premium

I cannot find the tool Create Kinematic output tool to add a node to Deformation Group. Can anyone tell me where it is. I am trying to follow a Digital Tutors tutorial which shows the tool being used to add a node for kinematic output

+1 Why has this been removed?

this video might help

They “simplified” the bones right into almost being broken. :slight_smile:

This is for a multi-pose deformer setup, but the basics are the same:

Essentially what you need to do is go into the deformer group (or create a deformer group if you have that option turned off in your tool properties) and then make a root, two deformation composites, and a deformation switch.

The composite and switch on the right are your regular deform channel, the composite on the left is your kinematic output. If you’re doing multiple poses, the settings are shown. If it’s just a single pose, you don’t need to parent the left composite to the right one, and you would use “Use First Connected…” instead of “Use Parent Composite’s…”.

Or alternately - if you just have a single pose - you can set both composites to use “leftmost” or “rightmost” and you don’t need the switch.

I hope any of that makes sense… best of luck!

It should be as easy as connecting the kinetic output module between the body curve and the arm curve. See the example in the image. In the first case, the arm is not deformed, in the second, with the kinetic output deactivated, the arm is deformed.

I’m not 100% sure but I think ToonBoom have ‘simplified’ the deformation setup in Harmony 12, so the Digital Tutors tutorials may have certain steps that aren’t relevant anymore. I would suggest adding the node manually from the node library (under deformation, or search ‘kinematic output’) and then refer to the Harmony 12 user documentation to see how they recommend setting it up in the node view. I’m setting up a deformation rig at the moment and really wish they had a character sample we could download to pick apart and study. I’m sure they will release it soon, and some updated tutorials. Good luck!

I have tried inserting Kinematic output in many different ways but I still cannot get the curve deformed arm to follow the curve deformed body without deformation. I am sure you are right about Harmony 12 being simplified but you would think they would talk about this change somewhere

My gawd this is jacked up! I’ve tried going thru several Digital Tutors videos as well as the one mentioned in this thread…with miserable results.

Here’s a screeny of my “rig”.

With this Kinematic Output module in place, the child bones finally stay in position, but I can NO LONGER animate them. If I DON’T have a KO module the bones fly all over the place!?



going thru the manual:

“make sure to enable the Create Posed Deformer in Create Deformation Above/Under preference. This preference is located in the Preferences panel, under the Deformation tab and is enabled by default.”

this appears NO WHERE in that tab!!

Now I’m convinced TB is messing with me.


once again from the “help” doc"…

there IS NO FLIPPING Set up mode in 12.2!! If this is the latest documentation forget it. If TB doesn’t give a crap, neither do I.


By the way…

Dear Toon Boom, can we have a shortcut to create kinematic outputs?

I’ve got a figure and have put bones on the arms and deformation curves on the eye brows and would like to put bones on the torso as well. The arms and head are children to the torso. When I put bones on the torso and try to position them, the arms and brows fly about but then resettle in almost the right position. When I’ve finished the bones and try it out, the brows and arms are greatly distorted and move exponentially compared to the torso movements or head in general. I tried putting kinematic outputs (KO) on the head and arm pegs but then the torso bones are no longer available. So I tried putting KO on the torso peg and again the bones are no longer available. I tried putting the KO on the torso under the torso peg and same thing. It seems that no matter what I do, if I want to use KO it deactivates the torso bones. The documentation for this is either too old, non existent or just plan wrong.

I really want to become proficient at Harmony but I keep running into problems and thinking I’m doing something wrong, when it turns out a feature that should be there isn’t or just doesn’t work. It would be nice if ToonBoom listed the stuff that doesn’t work so we don’t have to waste our time finding out for ourself. I understand that it’s embarrassing for ToonBoom but we’d respect you more if you were honest.

Is this what you’re trying to do? A deformer rig tied to symbols that won’t deform (but have deformers on them?).

I did it with my rig in this gif:

here’s my setup for node view:

Check out my post above and/or post your project if you’d like so i can take a look.


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