"Create Keyframes On" suddenly not working

I’m trying to use the tween feature, “create keyframes on” to adjust the frame rate of a motion tween. However, for some strange reason, it just stopped working today. I was using Harmony Essentials 12.2.0 and it had been working before. Now it just doesn’t. This problem persists even after having updated to 12.2.1.

I don’t think I’m using the tool wrong since I believe you’re supposed to select the range from one keyframe to another and press the button. The dialog for it just doesn’t appear. Anybody know if I’m doing something wrong or if this is just a weird bug? Keep in mind that this was an issue in a previous version due to a missing script. That shouldn’t be the case now.

I am now encountering this same issue.

Is there a solution?

What version are you using? At the time, support sent me a replacement plugin file. Since then (I was using Essentials 14) newer versions have not had this issue.