Create for example: *transparency* over time

I go word blind due to my dyslexia when reading PDF manuals. So I apologize if it’s already written and explained.
Is it possible to set with the Modules an effect in the timeline? For example setting Transparency at Frame 1 @ 0% at frame 30 @ 50% and at 60 @ 100%?

Is there a keyframe for it? Or is it like Deformation?

Any help or ideas?

I’m not sure if you want to use the Module’s properties or the Timeline so I put you an image that shows both way.

In the Timeline you just have to expand the layer Transparency and the open the DataView to be able to add keyframes and type the value.

In the module Transparency you can add a function curve and then go and edit in the Function editor.

Thanks for the screen shot. It looks like I’ll have to learn about Bezier curves and such.



What is the use of Bezier curves ?

To ease in and ease out of animations instead of having the values change at a constant rate.