Create cycle overwrite

Hi. I am trying to create cycle of frames of drawings, but it will not let me create cycle of more than 2 cycles at a time. I am trying to create 50 cycles, but it doesn’t do it. What’s more, this problem only exists if the drawings are located in a position behind another drawing that exists ahead of it. For instance, if I create 2 drawings, and another 3rd one ahead of it in the time line, if I try to create a cycle of the 2 drawings, then it doesn’t do more than 2 cycles at a time.

What’s happening here?

Hey There

Try Highlighting the two frames on the time time that you want to cycle, ctrl or command click these two frames. Choose Copy Cells from Timeline, then ctrl or command click and choose Paste cycle, it will give you a chance to type in how many cycles you want then hit okay.

Hope this works