Create cutter tool shortcut while using the brush tool

Hi! I am going to write this in 2 languages for the doubts that I haven’t translated it well and to express myself better:

I thought it would be great to add the option of using the Cutter Tool while using the Brush tool when drawing, since it would facilitate the sketching stage. Currently it only allows access to the Selection tool with Ctrl, which does not allow to cut the lines. It would be a great improvement to add the Cutter tool as quick access in the Alt, to give it that similar mode of use as illustration programs like Photoshop.

Another improvement that is required is to eliminate the strokes of the textured brushes in Vector Layer once their opacity was reduced to 0%, which is what happens with the vector brushes.


Hola! Voy a escribir esto en 2 idiomas por las dudas que no lo haya traducido bien y para expresarme mejor:

Pensé que estaría bueno agregar la opcion de usar el cutter tool mientras se usa el brush tool al dibujar, dado que facilitaria la etapa de bocetado. Actualmente solo permite acceder al selection tool con Ctrl, que no permite recortar las lineas. Seria una gran mejora agregar el Cutter tool como acceso rapido en el Alt, para darle ese modo de uso similar que tienen programas de ilustracion como Photoshop.

Otra mejora que requiere es eliminar los strokes de los pinceles texturados en Vector Layer una vez que su opacidad se redujo a 0%, cosa que si pasa con los pinceles vectoriales.


Thank you for the suggestion!

Adding it to my suggestion bucket.

Thanks! It’s a pleasure!

Also, if it’s not annoyance, would you help me with a problem with the functioning of harmony?´t-see-brush-size-while-painting-harmony-17

Thank you so much!

It would also be nice to add a quick shortcut (be it with shift, ctrl or alt) to the selection tool to activate the envelope tool. This is VERY necessary for users to sketch as they would, for example, in Photoshop.
Also (I don’t know if it exists) the option to hide the highlights selection lines. They are very annoying if one works with texture or inking brushes.