Create Colour Art from Line Art Question

If you draw something with the brush and click on “Create Colour Art from Line Art” it generates a holding shape in the colour art layer. However I have noticed that it generates the invisible line as an approximate centerline. However I am using colour selectors and need it to not average this. To achieve what I want I am filling in the art on the line art layer then selecting everything and cut/pasting it to the colour art layer. Is there a way to change the behaviour of Create Colour Art from Line Art so it does what I am doing with cut/paste?

Thanks in advance.

If I am understanding your description correctly your hand drawn line art is more precise than the colour art generated with Create Colour Art From Line Art.

I tested this using the pencil and brush tools. I drew a complicated jagged-edged object and was able to generate an equally precise Colour Art Layer using this method.

It also didn’t make any difference whether using a mouse vs. pressure sensitivity with a tablet pen.

Thanks for your response. The issue is that it creates a center line. Checkout this test file.
The circle on the right uses Create Colour Art From Line Art while the one on the right uses cut/paste. How do get Create Colour Art From Line Art to perform like cut/paste.