Create Color Art from Line Art

It is posible to automate the “Create Color Art from Line Art” comand for various drawings.?
It is very tedious to go from one drawing to the nest selecting the area and clicking in the “Create Color Art from Line Art” buttom.

There might be an easier way to do this (maybe someone else can chime in) and I think it varies a little (for example in Digital Pro, I think you have to have a selection, but it doesn’t seem that way with Animate Pro. I think Harmony might acknowledge the “Apply Tool to All Drawings” setting…maybe not…cant recall).

Here’s a pair of scripts I wrote that might help if you do this sort of stuff a ton (otherwise it might be overkill) :

1) just copy and paste them separately as text files with notepad, textedit or any text-only editor. Save and call them what you want.

2) then import them into harmony using the script editor (usually hidden from the main toolbar by default). The script editor window is invoked with the first fancy “f” button. Import both scripts with File->Import or with the folder button

3) Add the button (Create_Color_Art_On_Selected_Level) to your xsheet’s toolbar

I dont have an icon for the custom button so Im afraid the gear will have to do.

Sorry I couldnt attach this instead but it looks like I would have to have these two files hosted somewhere else (ftp or web).

Also someone might have a less crazy solution (I couldnt get permanent selection + Apply Tool to ALl Drawings to work or let alone register).

Please fell free to modify the scripts to suit your needs jokinb. I tried to built these so that the latter script could be extended to perform other repetitive operation if you or someone cares to (Mainly by consulting the menu.xml file in the resource folder for a slot that corresponds to the whatever action you like and replacing the word “onActionLineArtToColorArt(AC_ActionInfo *)” with the value of that slot–this makes more sense when browsing through that xml file).

Thanks hjperez.

Until now I have not use the scripts capability of toon boom.
I have test your code.
When I run the script in Animate ,in the line 53 of the firts file an error occurrers. The mensage is :
"TypeError. ‘getDrawingTimings’ undefined or not a function"

In the Animate help file( script section) the ‘getDrawingTimings’ function doesn´t exist.
In Animation PRO , yes, it exist.

So , your script only work in Animation Pro.

In Animation PRO PLE it work fine.

Hi Jokinb,

Sorry for the delay, but I went ahead and replaced the “getDrawingTimings” procedure with one I created to mimic its behaviour.

Heres the update to the first script (The second one needs no update)

Hope this works out for you.

ok. I think I found the exact procedure (I totally forgot about the first step–which is key):

1) send your drawings to the drawing view first (select a range of drawings on the xsheet and right-mouse click) (its best to remove empty drawings–cell values with no artwork–from the drawing view)
2) enable the permanent selection option (in the tool panel)
3) create a selection large enough to encompass all drawings (hold down the alt key to do a rectangular selection, if needed)
3) Enable the Apply Tool To Multiple Drawings (also in the tool panel of the select tool
4) click the Create Color Art from Line Art button in the drawing panel’s toolbar

That should do the trick.

Thanks very much hjperez.
I have tried the ple simple procedure that you explain in your last messsage.It work fine.

About the new script that you write. It work well in the ANIMATION (simplest version), but it works in the full selected layer. We can not select a range of, for example, 20 cells, and aply the function only to the selected cells.